In India died the Creator of the Gita and Zita

In India died the Creator of the Gita and ZitaIn India, at the age of 93 years died a famous producer of bollywood j.P. Sippi, Creator of such films as revenge and the law (Sholay and seeta and Geeta (Seeta aur Geeta).J. P. Sippy suffering from liver disease, died in his home on December 25. Today will be a solemn ceremony of cremation.The famous producer of bollywood was born 14 September 1914. J. P. Sippy entered the cinema in 1955 with his first film in Hindi Marine Drive. During his career he has created 17 paintings, the most famous bollywood militants, many of whom took his son, Ramesh, sippy.In the West, most famous for his movie believe picture revenge and the law, which made a real revolution in bollywood. He was the son of J. P. Sippy, Ramesh. Domestic audiences are more familiar film Gita and Zita.A few years J. P. Sippi was Chairman of the Guild of television and film producers of India, in 1968 and 1982 he was awarded the Filmfare Award. Source: India died the Creator of the Gita and Zita.

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