Verka Serduchka forever left for France

Verka Serduchka forever left for FranceIn Russia after the scandalous performance at Avoidany" Verka Serduchka never forgave.What there to speak, and in his native Ukraine on shocking the conductor looked askance. Andrey Danilko could not stand the persecution of my favourites and decided to change the place of residence.According to the newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda", the actor bought the estate in France and soon going to move there for permanent residence. I wonder how to perceive subtle French art Ukrainian burlesque star. While I never got the chance Danilko took a Serduchka in London. It is in the foggy Albion will be charged a continuation of the ambitious project "Verka Serduchka in Europe".Soon you will see Europe through the eyes of an eccentric Ukrainian stars. The name of the show, which now speaks for itself: it is the main "highlight" will be extremely sociable, active and "sharp-tongued" Verka. In the story, after the overwhelming success at Eurovision, she embarks on a journey through European cities to explore the customs, and the life and habits of the inhabitants, as well as meet with local celebrities.According to the producer of the project, Olga July, one of the editions of the new program already filmed in Paris. Now Werke have to travel to the British capital - London. On the life and customs of the British, it will look through the glasses pop idol UK - Elton John (this accessory Verka if you happen to find while walking around London). Serdyuchka will visit a number of the most famous museums in this famous city, and will meet with local celebrities. Source: Verka Serduchka forever left for France.

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