Scarlett Johansson decided to become a Director

Scarlett Johansson decided to become a DirectorPopular actress Scarlett Johansson debuts this year as a Director in the project "new York, I love you," reports the New York Post.In this project, which also involved a famous American Director woody Allen, 12 Directors shoot each five-minute bad about the love story unfolding in new York.In addition to Allen, in the project from the producers of a similar project in 2006 involved such well-known Directors and actors such as Anthony Minghella, Brett Ratner, Zack Braff World and Ner.Meanwhile, this news does not mean that Scarlett Johansson, granddaughter of Danish Director of Anera Johansson, ceases to act in films. Just the other day she received an offer from Courtney Love to play her in her youth in the film adaptation of the biography of her late husband, the leader of the group Nirvana Kurt Cobain.Among the films, which starred Scarlett Johansson, "lost in translation", "Girl with a pearl earring, Match point," "the Black Dahlia ", "the nanny Diaries" and others. Source: Scarlett Johansson decided to become a Director.

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