The police took away rights from a drunk Mickey Rourke

The police took away rights from a drunk Mickey RourkeThe Miami police detained a well-known American actor Mickey Rourke for driving under the influence. According to police, 51-year-old Rourke turned around at a red light, and then the desert began to wag from side to side.About this RBC.The actor had a red face and bloodshot eyes and his speech was slurred, besides, he smelled of alcohol.The actor did not resist arrest, but claimed that he "never drank so much to be drunk".After it was carried out a medical examination, which showed a higher concentration of alcohol in the blood of the actor, Rourke was released from the precinct on bail of $ 1,000. In addition, the actor lost his driving privileges for 90 days and paid a fine of $ 1600.Mickey Rourke - the world famous Hollywood actor. Has starred in such films as "sin City", "9 1/2 weeks", "angel Heart", "wild Orchid" and others. The infamous star of films was repeatedly accused of abuse of drugs and alcohol throughout his career.Unfortunately, such cases are among the actors of Hollywood are not uncommon. It is worth mentioning that last year the Prosecutor's office of Los Angeles was sentenced to another Hollywood actor Mel Gibson to 3 years probation for driving under the influence. Source: Police took away rights from a drunk Mickey Rourke.

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