Leontiev 7 years kept the secret of their scars

Leontiev 7 years kept the secret of their scarsFor her age Valery Leontiev in great shape. very few after 50 moves around on stage. Taut and muscular, the artist has always been famous for its sporting achievements. However, physical activity in order to maintain the figures have led to irreversible consequences.On one recent performances Valery put enough outdoor suit, revealing to the audience the scars that Leontiev's been hiding for years.Is the effect of the surgery to remove the tumor that Leontiev did seven years ago, " stunned "GG" people, knowledgeable in the Affairs of the musician.When renowned designer Tatyana Kudryavtseva plan to create a new stage outfit, and she could not assume that the bat costume reveal a long-standing mystery Valery Yakovlevich.Seven years ago, Leontiev had found a tumor, said "GG" approximate singer. As the doctors explained, a cyst formed due to excessive stress on the muscles. Valery Yakovlevich then carefully increase muscle mass. The main emphasis is on the chest muscles, wanted his torso was very relief. And suddenly formed a tumor that began to grow by leaps and bounds. Confused Valery immediately went to the doctors, and they insisted on the removal of this tumor, so it doesn't develop into malignant.The operation was in the hospital named after Burdenko - one of the best clinics of the country. However, after surgery revealed complications and had to urgently make a follow-up operation. Now, years later, the disease does not bother the artist, but the scars remained.-As soon as Valery Yakovlevich was trying to get rid of them, say the people around the singer. And polished, and the laser was trying to smooth out, nothing happens.Promptly deleted the tumor is not the only health problem Leontiev. "GG" learned about other injuries of the singer. So, a few years ago, Valery Yakovlevich earned yourself intervertebral hernia. Thank God, the operation was not needed: after a series of lessons in the pool hernia resorbed itself. Cut once from artist and appendicitis, a scar which is almost invisible.Had Leontiev and foot problems. On the right he removed the meniscus, left Valery Yakovlevich slightly injured during a rehearsal. There is a scar on the buttock. It was obtained in a joint statement with Leontiev French singer Patricia Kaas. During the concert the singer landed in the pit, covered with plywood, and, after breaking it fell down. Proporof pants and get hurt badly, Valery Yakovlevich flew two and a half meters. From the concert of the singer was taken straight to the operating room, where several seams were put on a soft spot.Yellow paper (#47) Source: Leontief 7 years kept the secret of their scars.

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