Oksana Grischuk will sue the makers of the show `Dancing on ice`

Oksana Grischuk will sue the makers of the show `Dancing on ice`One of the most prominent members of the show "Dancing on ice. Velvet season" - finalist of the show Oksana Grischuk - ... intends to sue the organizers of the project.About it writes "Your Day".Olympic champion in figure skating requires to pay for her expensive surgery on the knee, which she injured during participation in the show of the TV channel "Russia".The doctors who examined the leg of the athlete, which made a disappointing verdict: a slight tear of the meniscus, the loss of half of the cartilage in his left knee. But despite this diagnosis, the courageous skater rushed to the final show: Babysitting a pair of Grischuk - Dranga could dramatically lower the ratings of a growing project.I refused the surgery. Took a chance to reach the finals, " said the skater.Clenching his teeth in a forced smile, she went out on the ice with fixing bandage, risking to remain a lifelong disability. And now for this feat for the sake of art Oksana will be forced to pay a lot of money.- I suppressed the situation - sadly explained Oksana. - Haven't decided yet, it will be operated in Russia, Germany or America. But the operation is absolutely necessary: the leg is not bent and very sore even when walking, not to mention how to ascend and descend the stairs. Meniscus I recorded only during performances. In everyday life, such dressings can block the circulation.All participants of the show were compulsorily insured. And Grischuk had to use this insurance - the ice does not forgive the slightest mistake.- I went to the doctors, I did expensive tests. At the beginning of the project I had a pinched between the third and fourth vertebrae. For two days I was paralyzed. Then the insurance helped me a lot.But when the finale has already been filmed and the champion was finally able to undergo surgery, the period of insurance has expired. Angry skater tried to defend their rights, because the injury was received on the project. However, the girl replied that her claims were without Foundation, because she was offered to leave the show and do the surgery.Grischuk sooner or later have to go under the surgeons knife. The cost of their services, depending on where to do the surgery, varies from one to five thousand dollars, including the rehabilitation period.This money Oksana will have to pay from your own pocket, unless I forked out the organizers of the show. As it became known from sources close to the project creators, this one is going. However, Oksana has already threatened administrators "Dancing on ice" that will require compensation for material damage through the courts. Source: Oksana Grischuk will sue the creators of the show "Dancing on ice"".

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