Pugachev ignominiously fired the driver

Pugachev ignominiously fired the driverAlla Pugacheva dismissed Vladimir Popov - the driver of a stolen from her car. The reason for the dismissal good enough - a week ago, unknown persons stole a jeep worth more than 2 million rubles, which was owned by Alla Borisovna.- Instead of putting the car on paid Parking in Moscow, " says Kristina Orbakaite, the driver left her for the night under the Windows of his apartment in the village of Filimonki Leninsky district.When the next morning, Vladimir went into the yard, the car on the spot was gone. Recognizing the name of the star of the owner of "Land Cruiser", the police threw him on his search for a better force. However, while he did not produce results.Meanwhile, it turned out that Alla Borisovna on this car personally did not go. However, this machine is especially dear diva. She recently gave to his youngest grandson and 9-year-old Dani Baisarov. And since Dani is still a minor, Pugacheva recorded the car in his name. The driver drove in a Toyota by proxy.According to the newspaper "Your day", after stealing expensive cars Pugacheva, not conferring with family members, dismissed for neglect of work. Now Alla Olympian calm and does not comment on the situation, but her daughter Kristina Orbakaite said that I don't intend to find stolen cars:Let law enforcement do it doesn't to me look for the car! Source: Pugachev ignominiously fired the driver.

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