For remarks about blacks Watson was removed from office

For remarks about blacks Watson was removed from officeThe Board of Trustees of cold spring Harbor and its President Bruce stiilman suspended Nobel laureate James Watson from the post of the rector because of his statements about the low intelligence of blacks, according to the press service of the laboratory.Watson began collaborated with the laboratory nearly 60 years ago, in 1948. In 1968 he became its Director, 1994 was elected President in 2004 he moved to the post of rector. Despite the seniority and merit genetics, he dismissed until further action by the Board on this occasion.The day before the decision, the Council has publicly stated that the statements of Watson, published October 14 in The Sunday Times, "are personal statements and do not reflect the goals, objectives and principles of Council, administration and staff of the laboratory of cold spring Harbor. Dr. Watson is not the President of the laboratory and not acted on its behalf".The Council disagreed with the statements, as well as surprise and regret that they appeared in the press, and stated that "the laboratory does not conduct any research that could be the basis for utverzdenii attributed to Dr. Watson".Recall that Watson has already apologized for his words, saying he was overwhelmed by the public response. He also questioned questioned the accuracy of the quoted statement, but the Sunday Times claims that the accuracy of quotations is beyond doubt, and ready to confirm this.The noise rose because of the words of Watson, which clearly showed that the intelligence of blacks are on average lower intelligence of white and it will soon be confirmed by genetic research. Watson was not called to any form of discrimination, but human rights organizations want to attract the scientist accountable in court, and the British science Museum has cancelled a planned lecture by the famous geneticist. Many Nobel laureates publicly condemned the behavior of the scientist, Reuters reports. Source: For remarks about blacks Watson was removed from office.

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