Angelina Jolie skinny jealousy

Angelina Jolie skinny jealousyAngelina and brad pitt really want to have another baby... but I can't. The fact is that from severe psychological trauma after Angelina's mother's death, she's so thin that even now can not get pregnant.Here are just a no one can really understand what is the true cause of the depletion of Jolie. According to the actress, it's still in the mother; someone argues that it in pills. Yet there is speculation that Angelina Jolie some serious health problems.About six months ago to print out the terrible images of the arms of the star and her neck. They were horrible veins, and then looked herself Angie was very tired and sick.Before the doctor told angelina about the impossibility of conceiving a child, a celebrity was sure that she was pregnant.Now Angelina Jolie and brad pitt are raising four children (three adopted and shared daughter Shiloh Nouvel). Rumor has it that the couple decided to adopt another child soon. The main thing now that brad was supported by his love and not started up again, because one of the reasons for the breakup of brad and Jennifer aniston was the inability Jen to have a baby.By the way, Angie, what's the name of Jolie's fans have another reason to worry much, and who knows, maybe it was this reason that forced her to ishidate almost obscenely. The fact that she suffers from insane jealousy: its windy hubby recently dared to invite Jennifer aniston to dinner.Jolie made so much scandal that pitt barely managed to pacify her, and with the excuse that he just wanted a friendly chat with former wife about this and that, and generally thought to them to gather at the restaurant the three of us. Jolie to hear anything and didn't want in the heat of the moment shouted that he would have invited Jen in their bedroom. In General, gossips hinted that brad pitt and angelina Jolie not so much time left to live together.World News (#42) Source: Angelina Jolie skinny jealousy.

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