Wife actor became a neighbor of brad pitt

Wife actor became a neighbor of brad pittTreatment Anastasia Khabensky in an elite hospital Los Angeles ' cedars-Sinai gives positive results since the course of procedures she is feeling much better. But in the last days in the hospital became restless.Day and night on duty at the gate the crowd of movie fans, and all because of one of the chambers entered himself brad pitt.However, behave groupies Hollywood superstar and although noisy, but it is peaceful, and quiet the rest of the patients did not violate.Most of the time they spend behind the production of posters with wishes for a speedy recovery to his idol, which takes place at the insistence of the doctors of the next scheduled examination.NastyaAfter just ten days of treatment, wife of Konstantin Khabensky much has changed: gone greenish tint of the face, dark circles under the eyes, the sick woman became even occasionally smile."Your DAY" already wrote that immediately after removal of the tumor on the brain Konstantin took his wife abroad for treatment. On the recommendation of a family friend Chet Khabensky have chosen one of the best hospitals and clinics of America - "cedars-Sinai". There she was examined by the Director of the Institute of neurosurgery Dr. Keith black.American doctors appreciated, Nastia's condition as serious but stable, although it is over two months had two complicated operations to remove lesions. In the clinic Nastya comes twice a day, morning and evening. The method of treatment is that the patient is placed in a special box and within twenty minutes direct radiology to the place where the tumor was removed.The hotelImmediately after arriving in Los Angeles the couple Khabensky removed the double room at the hotel located five miles from the clinic. Constantine does not depart from his wife, accompanies her on all the procedures. While Nastya doctors advise, Constantine is waiting for her in the hallway.Technique intensive modulated radiation therapy, which treat the actor's wife, is the latest development in the treatment of brain tumors. It's obvious that in the case of Anastasia it gives positive results. Chet Khabensky often see in the local cafe, where the couple resting. Source: Wife Khabensky was the roommate of brad pitt.

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