Valeria decided to `outdo` Madonna

Valeria decided to `outdo` MadonnaSinger, a respectable mother of three children, was filmed half-naked in an erotic video clip along with a few beauties-lesbians. And, they say, she, along with her husband, producer Iosif Prigozhin left Russia.Its goal is to conquer the discerning European audience.To record an English album, shooting three music videos and advertising campaign, the couple has already spent about $ 2 million from its own funds. Name at least one Russian artist, are willing to part with that money but for the sake of illusive success in the West.Russian stars easy to spend money on anything but your own creativity, you lose in the casino, buy expensive cars, real estate, which then rent or resell. So step Valeria and Joseph Prigogine looks unprecedented, the newspaper "Arguments and Facts".- Are you going in case of success, to settle permanently abroad?Valeria: Even if we will be successful in Europe, we are not going to stay there for permanent residence. Too deeply rooted in their country. I have my parents here, my audience. If successful, our country will benefit. In the end, I will be positioned in Europe as a singer from Russia.Joseph: If we wanted to obtain a residence permit or citizenship, would have received in a long time. My mother lives in Israel, so that nothing should be done by all members of our family Israeli citizenship. But even I have never thought of to get a second passport. Thanks to the translators we are able to move freely around the world.- Why in this case you bought a house in Switzerland? After all, your professional activity will be held in the UK and France?Joseph: Why in Switzerland and not on the ruble? First, because we are not interested in Rublevka party. Secondly, in Switzerland, the house stands every seven cheaper than in a good location in Russia.We took out a mortgage at 2.5% per year. This is much lower than in our country. We have no villas in Russia, and only have a small apartment in Moscow. So we thought that it is better to buy a ticket and three hours to be in his foreign home, instead of standing in hours-long traffic jams on the way to the cottage in the suburbs.Valeria: in addition, the important role played by environmental component. One of our children - postestimation syndromes. And the climate in Montreux, where we bought a house, quite favorable for people with such diseases.In show business, everything is changing very quickly, artists, drop down from the TV and radio even for a year, the audience forgets. It turns out that with the Russian career you finish?Valeria: Russian career we temporarily suspend. To make the next step forward. It is very difficult to be torn between tours here and the promotional campaign there. It's impossible to combine.Joseph: we Have a very good position in Russia. Silly at the height of demand to drop everything and finally go abroad. Among the organizers of the tour today is a battle to redeem touring Valerie for 2009. So far all is well, and with the voice and appearance, and with the positions in the Russian show business, we will attempt to conquer the Western market licensed products, where album sales, unlike our country, you can earn some money.The appearance of the actor on TV has long ceased to be an event. Therefore, we change the form of promotion. From now on we will try to appear only on the significant events, not flickering frequently.In 2008 you, Lera, will not be tours in Russia?Valeria: I just won't be in them time. The idea is that we today need to be in London because the planned number of activities associated with promotion of the album. But we had commitments to concerts in Ukraine and Russia, which do not allow to leave. So will go to London in January, after a short Christmas break.Concerts abroad are planned?Valeria: Are Planned. But you first need to release the album, which for us is a major step forward. The album was competitive. It is not our opinion but the opinion of European experts who listened to him. There will be a new work in February next year in two languages: in Russian - for Russian and English for Europe.- You, Lera, - respectable mother of three children. What made you radically change the image and to make erotic clip, which, as I understand it, its scandals should draw attention to the album?Valeria: in order to judge this clip, it should be seen. The image I didn't change. The song is very serious, and the video turned out the same. And all these "controversial" episodes, about which the press writes, is nothing like the erotic fantasies of the main character of the clip. They are absolutely logical and reasonable in this clip. It's not erotic for erotica.- How many copies you plan to sell the album?Valeria: It's unpredictable. No one was able to foresee the success of the duet "Tatu" in the West...Joseph: we already have a signed contract with distributors that guarantee the sale of at least 100 thousand copies. But this is already somewhere 699 thousand pounds, which translated to approximately $ 1 million 400 thousand- Not afraid of you sad experience of Leonid Agutin, who recorded their money on an album with the iconic American guitarist al di Meola and still didn't recoup their investment?Valeria: But Leon recorded the album by al di Meola. It's still a beautiful story. He's not lost money at the casino, and have invested in their creative development. The same we do. For us it is an attempt to cross any boundary. In the end we do all this not for the money and if something does not work, do not go in a handbasket. Someone from creative people spend money on Antiques, expensive paintings, someone buys real estate or collects the yacht. It is now no surprise.And when the artist puts in their creative development, to the implementation of creative ideas, there arises a confusion. Many people ask me: am I afraid of losing? But what is the loss? In a professional sense I under any circumstances will benefit.Joseph: of Course, our financial resources are limited. But we have a huge number of friends ready to support in case of failure.

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