The paparazzi was belatedly filed a lawsuit against Keanu Reeves

The paparazzi was belatedly filed a lawsuit against Keanu ReevesThe photographer has filed a lawsuit against actor Keanu Reeves, accused of hitting a car. In a lawsuit filed in court in Los Angeles, Brazilian photographer Alison Silva alleges that on March 19 of this year, Reeves hit him with his car Porshe with the result that he received a shock and serious injury.The photographer claims that the incident has affected his ability to work and requires to compensate the loss, the amount of which is not specified.The incident occurred on March 19 at a place called Rancho Palos Verdes 50 miles South of Los Angeles in California. The photographer was standing on the street in front of the Porsche 1996 Mr. Reeves, when he hit himThe lawyer of the actor then stated that the accident occurred through the fault of the paparazzi who literally jumped in front of the car to take a picture, but Silva claimed that Reeves specially he was shot down and wanted to disappear from the scene.After that incident Reeves got away with it, he was not charged with any crime. The lawyer of the actor refused to comment on why the photographer decided to sue only after eight months. Source: Paparazzi belatedly filed a lawsuit on Keanu Reeves.

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