Abdulov does not believe the doctors after the death of a friend

Abdulov does not believe the doctors after the death of a friendAlexander Abdulov said repeatedly that he prefers to live at higher speeds. Least actor thought about their own health, and the death of a friend was deprived of Alexander Gavrilovich of faith in the power of even the most hyped of doctors.All this Abdulov said in an interview, when did not know about their own terrible disease, writes "Komsomolskaya Pravda". The film is about health and about how some people try to look after themselves, while others are laid out at full capacity, will be released in a few days. During the preparation of the material to gear has changed a lot. Alexander Abdulov has learned that cancer, several times into various clinics. The more valuable to know how he felt before the fatal events."This interview was recorded a few weeks before Alexander Gavrilovich learned about their disease, "says the Director of the film "at Any price" Michael Feinstein. - We edited the interview when it was revealed that the actor was seriously ill. And that he from Israeli hospital wrote a letter that never wrote to the disease, it would not Abdulov. A letter was read by the troupe at the opening of the anniversary season of "the Profession": "...And remember: love is not yourself in the art, and health in myself!".

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