Stars on Christmas Eve wondering for future suitors

Stars on Christmas Eve wondering for future suitors"Every evening Epiphany girls were wondering..." So it became a custom in Russia that January 18 is the most important day of the Christmas divination. From the earliest times to the eve of the Epiphany girl - those of marriageable age, is guessing at the suitors, how much will they have children or mother-in-law and what they will get.The current stars are no exception.For example, the beauty of the group "Factory" (all, incidentally, unmarried) every year during the Yuletide arrange gatherings. Irina Toneva told "KP", as you can tell fortunes on the groom with a towel:- For the night or hang out the window white towel to the future groom was visible! And you say, "true love is a fake, come and utrica". If in the morning because the window you get a completely dry towel, then sit you on the shelf, but if the towel is wet, it is possible to be married.And Sasha Savelyev revealed to us the secret of divination with the boat:- Divination you will need a standard basin of water. On the sides of the pelvis to attach the paper with different wishes. Then take half a walnut shell and set into it a small piece of candle. This "boat" fortune-teller runs in the pelvis. The boat needs to cling to any Board and to burn paper. If that burn, all that is written in it, is supposed to come true.Marika foretold myselfThe bride is a resident of Comedy Club Pavel Volya TV presenter Maria Kravtsova, known under the name Marica, admitted "KP" that a few years ago, she foretold a groom named Pasha. The way she read, as a child in my grandmother's book:- The meaning of the following: on pieces of paper you write the men's names. The more, the better. At bedtime these papers should be put under the pillow. And in the morning when they Wake up, not looking to run his hand under the pillow and pull out one note. And learn the name of her fiance. And here a few years ago at Christmastime I pulled bumazhechki name Paul. Maybe it's a coincidence, maybe fate.The sexy Deputy for guys eats the ashesThe Deputy of the Belgorod Duma, and last-known TV presenter Maria Malinowska, girl free. Last year at sexy blonde upset wedding. But Mary doesn't care about adhering to the view that all that is done, the better. On Christmas Eve Mary also wondering suitors. She has her own secrets that she revealed "KP":- In my youth I loved a boy, but he paid no attention to me. I long suffered, but did not mind showing. One day my friends and I arranged a bachelorette party. As usual: gossiping, drinking tea. And then one of my girlfriends offered to tell fortunes. Each of us had to write the name of the boy that is like, on paper, burn it, and the ashes to eat. Friend assured us that, once we do that, there will be held two weeks before the chosen one will be charmed. I so much wanted to please his school friend wrote his name on a tiny piece of paper, and pulled out a huge sheet from the album. And then selflessly ate the ashes, not even drinking water (laughs)! After our gatherings it's been like two months, I naturally forgot all about it. And suddenly discover a love letter on his Desk from the boys. He wrote to me that for a long time thinking about me, just afraid to come! After that we became friends, he even briefcase to my house dragged half a year. However, then we still broke up...Babkina throws in men bootsPeople's artist of Russia, artistic Director of the ensemble "Russian song" Nadezhda Babkina loves divination. The singer admitted that in his youth it was one of her favorite activities:- Of course, I wondered at the boys. Threw the gates boots: who will get, it needs to say their name, so will call and my future spouse. And repeatedly, when I threw the boots, got into our neighbour - uncle Kolya. How he cursed at us, shouting: "Nadia, I know it's you. Be quiet now". Also we with girlfriends often wondered using mirrors and candles. Frankly, it was always very scary. In the grave silence the girl, completely washed, in a nightgown sits in front of a mirror and begins to speak: "true love is a fake, appear to me dressed up". But the house of the village, outside the window, the crackling frost, then suddenly there's a floorboard squeak - horror. For some reason my girlfriend always saw in the mirror some male images, I never.QUESTION OF THE DAYHow do you feel about divination?Ends Christmas week, when in Russia, according to popular tradition are wonderingVladimir PLATONOV, Chairman of the Moscow city Duma:- Don't believe in divination or in chance. The fortune teller's a person, and its predictions is just a subjective opinion.Elena DRAPEKO, Deputy of the state Duma:"You know, it's sinful, but I every year for Christmas wondering. On wax, coffee grounds. This time guessing at the Gogol. Opened it the and pointed a finger at random. I got something unintelligible, and my friend that her husband is the bell, which need to lug all my life... In divination still have something. I once wrote a note "I Want to be an actress", burned, and the ashes poured in champagne. And went to drama school!Andrei KURAEV, a deacon:- Guess the Christmas week is the best way to quarrel with the Lord. If the son rummaging in his father bequeathed things, it is unlikely dad will love it.

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