Moses brought Brylska to a nervous breakdown

Moses brought Brylska to a nervous breakdownThe shooting of the program "Two stars" recently't go without incidents of different severity.First, Alla Pugacheva fell down the stairs and hurt her leg, then from a height fell Garik Kharlamov, and recently became ill one of the members of the jury - the Polish actress Barbara Brylska.Famous actress brought heart. She got very emotional after the speech of Boris Moiseev and Elena Sparrow that had to be immediately served with a valocordin.Room Boris and Elena was really touching. The singer proposed to his companion to do his old hit "Mute love". This performance touched the judges to the core, writes "Komsomolskaya Pravda"."You know, nothing better in my life, I had not heard Me... this song is so shocked..." said Barbara Brylska, brushing away a tear.On the panel directed immediately received an emergency message: "the butcher and Brylska bad! My heart was pounding nerves. Urgently bring the jury valocordin".The shooting continued only after accustomation judges came to their senses. By the way, that day was shot two release shows, so Elena Sparrow and Boris Moiseev pleased all with another song "by The sea, the blue sea".Alla Pugacheva was unable to remain indifferent and joined in the singing couple. To portray the rider, the singer shouting "Forward!" saddled Boris, what brought the audience and artists in rapture. Source: Moses brought Brylska to a nervous breakdown.

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