Favorite `fabricante` Pugacheva gave birth to a son

Favorite `fabricante` Pugacheva gave birth to a sonThe graduate of "factory of stars" and the favourite of Alla Pugacheva, Irsen Kudikova gave birth to the firstborn.Baby weighing 3 kilograms 50 grams and 50 cm were born in one of the luxury maternity hospitals of Moscow. Civil husband of the singer businessman Alexey Nusinov he brought his beloved to the clinic.Before the childbirth ultrasound showed that the fetus in the womb is wrong, so the doctors decided to perform a cesarean section. Fortunately, the surgery went well, and healthy firstborn of Irsen soon found himself in the hands of caring doctors. Then the woman was transferred to intensive therapy, where for six hours, she was recovering from anesthesia and surgery.When it became clear that the health of the young singer is not in danger, it arranged in a separate comfortable room. Source: Favorite "fabricante" Pugacheva gave birth to a son.

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