Ex-wife of pitt poisons Jolie life

Ex-wife of pitt poisons Jolie lifeAngelina Jolie believes that ex-wife, her boyfriend brad pitt Jennifer aniston tries to ruin their relationship. Angelina claims that Jen is friends with pitt's mother Jane and scheming.But most of all angry Jolie is the fact that even during divorce pitt and aniston his parents strongly supported and Jennifer were against Angelina.The pitt family has invited Jennifer to visit for thanksgiving, which is common in America to spend with family. Apparently, Jolie and she would not refuse to come to visit the parents of the boyfriend, but its there no one called. Angry Jolie told brad that their family would never come harmony until his family is not gonna stop being friends with Jennifer. What pitt said that the actions of his "mother is her business and no concern of anybody else".Jennifer aniston and brad pitt divorced in 2005, but since then, Jen and ex-mother-in-law are almost best friends. "Jane sees no reason to end friendship with Jennifer. They constantly call each other, exchange cards and emails," says aniston friends. Looks like mother Pipa have not changed my opinion about Jolie who broke the family of her son, and does not forget to emphasize every time his behavior that Lara Croft in her home not the place. Source: Ex-wife of pitt poisons Jolie life.

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