Machine Zemfira has a terrible accident

Machine Zemfira has a terrible accidentPremonition not deceived Zemfira: she struck out from the program of the concert the song "We are broken", but could not prevent a car accident. Sent after her car got into a terrible accident.Anxiety never left the singer all two days that she spent at lake Baikal. As you fly to Irkutsk, "the girl-scandal" demanded a heavy guard. Eight big boys a wall got in the way of everyone who tried to get closer to the rocker.The singer was rehearsing with the band for almost two hours. Was nervous: she always seemed all wrong. In just a few minutes before the concert in a nightclub Zemfira suddenly changed the program.She struck off the list of songs one of the downhole compositions "We are broken". Perhaps that was the decision that saved her life.Immediately after the concert Zemfira went over 100 km from Irkutsk to Listvyanka village.- On the way Semu very scared cows that crossed the road, " the driver says Maxim D. - was Indignant that it's dangerous, when animals roam unattended.Once in the hotel, the singer tried to cut contact with people to a minimum, and sat in the room.The mood of the singer was deteriorating with each passing hour, she abruptly turned down the offer to fly over the lake by helicopter.I don't want to risk it ! "she cried. - Leave me alone! I feel so bad!Just in case the walls of the whole night was on duty "first aid".Barely awake, the singer wanted to leave the hotel, but the machine did not come. It turned out that the driver had an accident.- I'm still in shock, " says Maxim. - Where did this black as death, car?! The road was free, bare froze. Suddenly a car cut me off. Hit the brakes - woke up in a ditch.Only by a miracle the driver was not injured.- I'm glad I was not in the car Zemfira. So, I took her fate.After learning about the crash, SEMA was scared. Hardly a new machine filed to the hotel, she jumped in and slammed the door. On the way to the airport, the singer saw what happened to the car in which she was supposed to go. To stay near the scene of the accident Zemfira was not allowed.- Chase, " said the singer to the driver. - You need to get out of here soon. Source: Machine Zemfira has a terrible accident.

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