Gone too soon: Abdulov was only 54 years old

Gone too soon: Abdulov was only 54 years oldNot by tickets, and the intents of the heart come to the people today in the Moscow theatre "Lenkom". Here, a ceremony of farewell to a great actor, people's artist of Russia Alexander Abdulov.He died early on the morning of 3 January after a long illness. He was only 54 years old.Thursday Lenkom went into mourning. Portraits of Alexander Abdulov, installed at the service entrance and in the main foyer of the theatre, buried in flowers. They bring in the audience, stunned by the news of the death of the beloved actor. Endless and mournful stream of letters and telegrams.Condolences to the family of Alexander Abdulov was expressed by the President of Russia Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister Viktor Zubkov, President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko, President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev, President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko."It's unbelievable, we're crying all the time," say lancombe. Of course, they hoped that their colleague, such a beautiful and talented Alexander Gavrilovich will be fine. And certainly will play in the premiere performance of "Marriage", which brilliantly rehearsed the role of the English version. In one of his last interviews Abdulov was supposed to go on stage in February.The whole life of Alexander Abdulov is associated with the "Lenkom", which he joined in 1975 after graduating from GITIS. For more than 30 years, the actor has created a whole gallery of vivid and unforgettable characters, was busy almost all the most notable performances of the troupe. He played in "Juno and Avos" and "Cruel intentions", "hamlet" and "Memorial prayer", "the Weeping executioner" and "Eclipse".Artistic Director of the Lenkom" mark Zaharov, at the time, invited Abdulova in the theater, rented an actor and in his popular films - "Ordinary miracle", "the very Munchausen", "the Formula of love", "Kill the dragon". Mark Zakharov is very appreciated by Aleksandr Gavrilovich, calling him "a great Abdulov". "Death Abdulov is a shock to the theater, and I don't know how we stand fast on his feet," says mark Zakharov.Abdulov was constantly in business. Did plays, acted in films - he has gained about a hundred film and Celerra. He acted as a Director for several years headed the Moscow international film festival, organized charity events and evenings. And all the time build optimistic plans.That Abdulov seriously ill, suddenly became known. In August last year he filmed their own film, "the Hyperboloid of engineer Garin". The shooting took place near Sevastopol, Balaklava. There Abdulov aggravated stomach ulcer, he was urgently operated. Soon he was transferred to Moscow, and then sent in an Israeli hospital, where the actor was diagnosed with fourth stage lung cancer.Four months artist fought with a deadly disease. Sometimes there came a momentary relief, and he again began to dream about how return to the theatre. "I want to live," said he, " the child grew, the mother was alive, the woman was near. And to friends not to fail.".

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