Galkin was making a fool of yourself for the sake of Pelsh

Galkin was making a fool of yourself for the sake of PelshMaksim Galkin is constantly in the spotlight. His close friendship with Alla Borisovna Pugacheva, of course, spurred not his popularity ratings. But without solid friends artist draws all the attention to himself.Tuesday at the regular shooting of the project "Ice age" Galkin was a judge and not allowed to work quietly for the rest of the arbitrators. Maxim planted between the Chairman of the jury coach Tatiana Tarasova and Olympic champion Svetlana Zhurova.At first all went as usual, skaters demonstrated the wonders of technique and artistry. This time the topic was France. By a curious coincidence, on this day, the President of France Nicolas Sarkozy has arrived with official visit to Russia.By tacit agreement, in the project special attention from the jury takes the artistry of the athletes, and not a technique. Even when it falls the judges don't pose estimation 5.9 below."I wouldn't know what I would do if I had to sit on the jury. Probably would only 6.0 set. As the boys are so difficult to work with nonprofessionals" - confessed to leading the show Olympic figure skating champion Irina Slutskaya.Sorry, didn't realize Valdis Pelsh, who was a newcomer among the judges of "Ice age". He began to judge skating on the Olympic system. And when one of the couples fell, he took it as a gross error for the technique and put them 5.2. After that Valdis caught up with universal contempt, because even demanding Tarasova put this pair of 6.0 for the technique. She accused Pelsh in injustice, because in her opinion, "it was an outstanding dance".To distract everyone's attention from colleagues and do something to mitigate the situation Maxim Galkin decided to take the heat. He immediately began joking and delight all members of the jury. Universal voltage slightly subsided. When it was the turn of the final speech of each of the judges and Svetlana Zhurova began her serious speech, her neighbor was to pretend to be a Cutesy surdoperevodchitsa. Then the word was given to Tatiana Tarasova, about her face Galkin started waving yellow maple leaf.Tatiana could not hold back their emotions and not completing bravura speech, laughed. But this Maxim was not enough. He picked up the white frame to the photos and began to speak into it in the manner of a TV with the Chairman of the jury. Tarasova took another frame and played up comedian. "Hello from our crazy house "Daisy", - commented on the events Galkin. After that, he asked all the judges to take "the TV set" and wave to the audience. Members of the jury, including severe Valdis Pelsh, complied with the request of the artist."Dear viewers, look at these people! Unless they be offended?" "said the humorist. Thus, under the collective joy and laughter the conflict was settled. Source: Galkin was making a fool of yourself for the sake of Pelsh.

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