Jack Nicholson in front of everyone kissed the fan

Jack Nicholson in front of everyone kissed the fanThe years go by, and 70-year-old Jack Nicholson is still young at heart. The other day he made all the tabloid reporters literally adhere to their cameras in front of them he kissed two of his loyal fans - a mother and her daughter.Truly, you never know who you'll encounter on the street - the family of Polenov and could not think that can easily meet their idol is not on the red carpet, and in the middle of Piccadilly. And if a 64-year-old Wendy and 38-year-old Leslie would say that beloved actor will shower them with kisses, they would certainly have laughed in the face of the predictor. But that is exactly what happened to the delight of both women and around Hollywood legend reporters.The piquancy of the situation was the fact that this scene was watched by husband Leslie - Phil Poulton. However, if in the normal situation husbands, to put it mildly, I protest against their wives kissing strange men, this case was clearly from another series: Phil downright glowed with happiness, seeing whose kiss was awarded to his wife. To journalists, he enthusiastically said: "When I approached him and said that my wife's mother is his biggest fan, he immediately grabbed my wife and started kissing her. All around couldn't keep from laughing".Seeing that things take quite a turn, as expected, mother of Leslie ran up to his idol with the words: "Jack, I'm the mother-in-law, not her!". Realizing his mistake, the renowned Lovelace just as confused, is releasing me from the arms of Leslie, he lashed out at Wendy. Poulton describes this moment as "fantastic" and "unforgettable": "Jack was just gorgeous! He even pushed his sunglasses onto his forehead, so that they do not interfere with him".Perhaps in such an original way Nicholson wanted to prove to everyone that there is still powder in the flasks, after all, some time ago, the actor admitted that he worries about the inevitable old age. In an interview, Jack complained that he is already far not the artful seducer, which was a quarter of a century ago: "I can't jump, dance and move as in his youth. And just Jogging a couple of kilometers just knocks me out. I feel like I'm out of male power, and it is a very hard process for me". Nicholson added that in his youth led a riotous life - drank a lot and constantly changed women. In addition, no proper nutrition and health care of the question. And now the actor is paying for the mistakes of youth: "Yes, everything in this world has its price" - philosophically concluded the actor. Source: Jack Nicholson in front of everyone kissed the fan.

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