Knightley hides bandaged wrist

Knightley hides bandaged wristTheatrical Moscow agitated by the terrible news, which came from Penza: allegedly Konstantin Khabensky on tour tried to open his veins. In Penza, where he played in the play "Caligula", the actor strongly conceal his bandaged wrist of the right hand long sleeve jacket.And at the end of a theatre performance, the right-hander Khabensky lit up and even signed autographs with his left hand.KhabenskyAs we already mentioned, now in the family of Constantine difficult life situation - the actor's wife Anastasia, recently gave birth to a son, she underwent complicated surgery to remove a brain tumor. Still she is in one clinic, and the child in the other. Compounded by the fact that Khabensky under the contract is necessary to go on tour. Separation from loved ones and closest people in the world for him, of course, unbearable.The correspondent of "Your DAY" asked Khabensky, whether the basis of the rumors about his attempt to open his veins."Well, Kostya, happened to you actually? How truthful conversations about trying to settle scores with life?Khabensky sighed and hid his bandaged hand in his pocket.- I would not like to speak now on this subject, sorry, " he replied quietly, his eyes filled with tears.Before the performance, the artist came to a simple Russian woman and presented him with an icon. She said she specifically went to the temple, where he ordered the priest a prayer for the health of Anastasia.One of the producers of the play "Caligula" rumors, though dwelling in depression due to serious illness of the wife of the actor slit his wrists that he called "unfounded".- This is not a suicide attempt, believe me, " he said. - Just... Well, let's just say people just got hurt in rehearsal in Saratov!PorechenkovClose friend and fellow actor Mikhail Porechenkov who are with him on tour, also evaded a direct answer to the question of the attempt of his friend to commit suicide.I don't want to comment on this! Yes, and there's nothing to comment on...However, judging from how grim face Michael, the story of the wound on the hand Bones are not indifferent to him.Our special correspondent in Saratov were to play "Caligula". No bloody bandage on his right wrist Khabensky was not. Immediately after the speech, he and Porechenkov went to Penza. So the version with the "injury" during a rehearsal by one of the producers, to put it mildly, does not inspire confidence. What happened on the night on the road from Saratov to Penza, it seems, will remain a mystery inseparable friends.Coast is now difficult, " said Porechenkov. "But he's a real man, he can do it! Source: Knightley hides bandaged wrist.

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