Published early works by Vladimir Sorokin

Published early works by Vladimir SorokinIn publishing house "AST" a new book by Vladimir Sorokin, which included early works of the author, writes "Kommersant". Known to readers of works in the collection will appear in the short story "Swim", which gave the name of the book and the story "the morning of the sniper.A big part included in a collection of short stories and novels written in the late 1970's and early 1980-ies. They are not published by publishing house "Ad Marginem", which previously worked with Sorokin, were published abroad and were not included in the national collection. One of the first name of the collection - Pink tuber".In 1985 Sorokin's novel "the Turn" and six of his stories were published in France. The first publication of prose author in the USSR were several short stories published in the Riga magazine "Spring" in November 1989. In the opinion already familiar with the new journalists of "Kommersant", included in "the Swim" works have not lost their relevance, although "I spent about 30 years in the desktop. Source: Published early works by Vladimir Sorokin.

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