Kadyrov presented Sergey Zverev watch for 100 thousand euros

Kadyrov presented Sergey Zverev watch for 100 thousand eurosMore recently, the king of glamour - Sergey Zverev came from Chechnya, where he went with the stars of our show business at the State level event. In Moscow "star is back in complete shock"!!!Zvereva was shocked by the gift that he presented Ramzan Kadyrov personally:- I gave a lot of fans and admirers, even diamonds gave. Were ridiculous and the gifts he once gave me a huge portrait, which portrayed like me! But the one that was in the portrait is totally not like me! Fans like it, they painted with love, and I hate to refuse. I then did not know where this thing to attach, but I don't care I love it, because presented with love. And here such gift that the star in shock!Ramzan Kadyrov gave me the watch, the approximate cost of which as many as 100,000 euros - says Sergey Zverev, Is a gift, who not only is expensive by itself, so it also incredibly responsible! This is my first gift from the government, because, in principle, from presidents or country I have never and no one gave! And with this gift, and even from the Kadyrov, I did not expect! This, to me, like a bolt from heaven! I am enormously grateful to Ramzan - Star in shock!PR-Agency "Success" Source: Kadyrov presented Sergey Zverev watch for 100 thousand euros.

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