Father in law had sent Princess Diana a monstrous letters

Father in law had sent Princess Diana a monstrous lettersThe trial in the case of the death of Princess Diana has already led to the publication of a considerable number of sensational details, down to the secret intentions of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II left the throne in favor of his heir.The main part of the controversial information came from people who are in the process act as witnesses. One of them is Dr. Simone Simmons - recently made public the private correspondence of lady Di, she received from Prince Philip, consort of Queen.It turned out the Duke of Edinburgh had sent the wife of Prince Charles letters monstrous content is offensive, degrading, violent and threatening.Simon Simmons, speaking in a courtroom, called himself "a confidant of the Princess," noting that her medical services Diana used to relieve stress shortly before his tragic death. Mrs. Simmons specializes in psychic-energy impact, the techniques of Ayurveda, correction biofield patients by imposition of hands and other methods of alternative medicine.The witness stated that during the therapy sessions, lady Di was read to her two letters, the author of which was the husband of Elizabeth II, Philip Mountbatten. "She was very scared and shocked," said the court physician, which since 1993 has advised Diana personally five times a week, not counting conversations on the phone, one of which, according to Simmons, lasted about ten hours. About two jeopardize the Duke of Edinburgh letters healer became known in 1995, on her meeting with the Princess at Kensington Palace.This testimony, given by Simone Simmons under oath, is of particular interest in light of previously published correspondence of the spouse of the Queen with his daughter-in-law. Message dated 1992 and demonstrate a very tender relationship between Prince Philip and Princess Diana. In particular, lady Di turned to her father only as "dear PA" and praised him for his "tremendous understanding and tact".However, the messages reported by Mrs. Simmons, Diane received in the period from 1994 to 1995, and they were written in a completely different tone. "She was reading to me aloud, imitating the voice of the Duke of Edinburgh, explained to the court healer. - The content of the letters was furious with her. She finished reading, she exclaimed, "What impertinence!", she was so right. The author of the Epistles cruelly humiliated her, and it is not surprising that Diana was upset".According to the witness, Prince Philip called his daughter a "slut" and "prostitute". Of course, the controversial texts in the courtroom did not read, so as not to violate the privacy of correspondence, but Simone Simmons admitted that at the time showed them to journalist Martin Bashir, published in 1995, sensational interview with Diana.The doctor commented and the premonition of death that engulfed the Princess in 1997. According to the witness, lady Di have invited her to a meeting in February, seven months before his death, and reported threats received by its address by Nicholas Soames - the representative of the tories in the British Parliament. The politician allegedly said the Princess on the phone that she should not interfere in things she knows nothing about.It was about the fight against anti-personnel landmines, which Diana took an active part. "And that in fact may be an accident," he quoted Mrs. Simmons words somsa, referring to the recognition of their senior clients. Source: Father in law had sent Princess Diana a monstrous letters.

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