Dennis Rodman slapped the barmaid for negligence

Dennis Rodman slapped the barmaid for negligenceA former employee at Hard Rock hotel in Las Vegas Sarah Robinson filed against the former basketball player Dennis Rodman a lawsuit, accusing him of insulting.Reports history of the incident for quite a long time. This happened in March 2006 in one of the bars. Rodman (apparently thirsty), desperate to attract the attention of the barmaid tried to get on the bar. After that, Robinson Willy-nilly, yet drew on the brawler attention (given the size of Starscream, this is, in General, of course), and walked up to him.Of Rodman so happy with such favor that he just didn't know how to Express my gratitude to Sarah. As stated in the petition, Dennis drew barmaid to himself and began to RUB against it with your body". The woman tried to escape, and then a former athlete smacked her on the buttocks.All anything, but for Robinson, this slap was not the main trouble associated with lanky tattooed guest. According to her, when she complained about the behavior of the guest in another incident a month later, the hotel fired her. Thus, the claim Rodman was accused of insulting and obscene behavior, and Hard Rock in negligence resulting in failure to protect the employee from harassment.The amount of moral damages in the lawsuit is not specified. Also it is not clear why the suit was filed only now, after a year and a half after those events. Perhaps Sarah all this time saving up anger. Representatives of the defendants, as they are usually usual, declined to comment. Source: Dennis Rodman slapped the barmaid for negligence.

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