Most bad photos of famous stars

Most bad photos of famous stars My light, mirror, shut up! The famous British magazine published the most unfortunate photos of the stars.In the family of Michael Jackson, apparently, no one is attractive. Here and his sister Janet reminds me a ball.Arnold Schwarzenegger, who received the title "Mr. Olympia", judging by how he looks now, already forgot when it was...Kate moss has amazed everyone with their old flabby knees. Plastic surgery, like all expensive pleasure, first happy, then I don't know how to get rid of the effects...The phenomenon of the 70 year old unkempt potbellied Jack Nicholson still can not solve any man. Because on this boat, in addition to Jack and sandwich, there were 12 young beautiful women, and they are literally fighting for the attention of heartthrob, and he, according to tradition, chose a sandwich...Recently good pictures Britney Spears can be counted on the fingers. "Blossoming, scandal addict," he pronounced their verdict the tabloids. Source: The bad photos of famous stars (photos).

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