Madonna hides the signs of a new plastic surgery

Madonna hides the signs of a new plastic surgeryThe Daily Mail talks about yesterday's appearance of the Madonna at the door of a London hotel, Claridges, the singer left under cover of night. The paparazzi took pictures, which were clearly seen hidden under dark glasses bruising around the left eye and cheek stars.Journalists are requested to confirm their hypotheses about plastic surgery from an authorized representative of the Madonna, however, he refused to comment on the information as relevant to the private lives of celebrities.Madonna is one of the few stars, in adulthood, retains excellent appearance and physical form and categorically denying that resorted to the services of plastic surgeons. The only procedure, the application of which, she confessed, is rejuvenating oxygen peeling therapy.However, in recent years repeatedly there were pictures of the singer, on which were visible signs of the operation. Of course, the reporters never got a confirmation of their conclusions from the Madonna that didn't stop them from still classing it to become celebrities who dared to rejuvenate radical way.Last month, the pop diva was seen leaving the building medical clinics in new York with clearly visible traces of bruises on both sides of the face. At the time, Madonna was also trying to hide suspicious spots under dark glasses.A few years ago, in 2003, leaving the Chateau Marmont in Hollywood, the singer hid the bruise, eyes tilted down on the cap. And a year later took a picture of her in quite a bad way that is similar to the victim of the beating, during a visit to a private doctor in Beverly hills.However, Madonna continues to persist in rejecting the artificiality of its beautiful shape. She actively promotes a healthy lifestyle, intense workouts and a strict diet does not abolishes about other, more effective methods of rejuvenation. Once in the interview, the star said that if you make a lift, a press conference on this occasion to arrange will not.Yellow journalism with a degree of acidity commented on statements of the Madonna about the miraculous effect of proper diet and gruelling fitness, hinting at the inability to retain a fresh look after a few decades of being in show business. Source: Madonna hides the signs of a new plastic surgery.

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