Paradorn of Sichuan married a Russian beauty

Paradorn of Sichuan married a Russian beautyFamous Thai tennis player of Paradorn of Sichuan and "Miss universe 2005 Natalie Glebova, a few months ago announced her engagement, on Thursday married in one of the hotels of Bangkok.28-year-old Paradorn of Sichuan became the first Asian took the place in the top ten players in the world and one of the most popular and famous athlete of Thailand. His best achievement dates back to may 2003, when he was ninth in the ATP rankings. By Thai standards it hesitated to start a family, fully devoting themselves to a career in sport.Last Sichuan went to the court in March this year at the tournament of series Masters in Miami, but could not finish the match due to injury. He currently ranks only 630-th line.A native of the city of Tuapse Natalia Glebova, who emigrated with his parents to Canada, permanently resides and has a work permit in Thailand, is engaged in advertising. She's hired to promote the brand brewing company Thailand''s Boon Rawd Brewery Co Ltd.Natalia Glebova before the competition studied at Ryerson University in Toronto, majoring in information technology management", deals with classical piano and composes music, but his main talent believes the ability to read backwards as easily as in the conventional direction. In 2005 she won the title of "Miss Canada-2005". Source: Paradorn of Sichuan married a Russian beauty.

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