Jolie and pitt at the premiere of the actress shocked `Beowulf`

Jolie and pitt at the premiere of the actress shocked `Beowulf` Last night, London hosted the European premiere of the film "Beowulf". Special guests of the event were Angelina Jolie and Brad pitt, according to REUTERS.Suddenly Angelina decided to go to the people, so as not to miss the opportunity to chat with his fans from the Old world. She spent a long time talking with them and signing autographs in the square before the theatre, which hosted the premiere. Brad pitt had to play the role of silent bodyguard. "Fortunately, today I'm not at work!" "he joked."It's great to see all the fans here! It is always very pleasant, " said the actress told reporters. - I lived for several years in London and intend to come here more often." She also shared his opinion about the painting: "This is a very unusual film, some things shocked me right". Hollywood diva highlighted ray Winston, who performed the role of Beowulf, the legendary hero of the Anglo-Saxon epic poem: "ray is just gorgeous! I would love to work with him again." The Angelina in the film adaptation of the Saga played a demon - mother monster Grendel killed the main character. In the role of king Hrothgar, whose subjects terrifies Grendel and waiting for the Savior to rid the land of monsters, starring sir Anthony Hopkins.The film is interesting because it was shot in an unusual manner. As informs NTV, the creators digitized in 3D graphics of all the characters, including fantastic creatures, and very real people. Critics acknowledge the work of Director Robert Zemeckis a possible nominee for the award "Oscar". However, the American Academy still undecided, consider this tape animated or regular pattern. Source: Jolie and pitt at the premiere of the actress shocked "Beowulf" (photo).

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