Navka rammed a car that was trying to `prune`

Navka rammed a car that was trying to `prune`Famous figure skater Tatiana Navka was the cause of the accident in the center of Moscow. This is the second accident that landed Olympic champion over the last year.On it informs "Your day".Exactly one year ago today, she got in an accident on "Lexus", given to her by Vladimir Putin after triumphant performance at the Olympics in Turin. However at that time the skater was the victim, not the culprit. When Tanya stopped at a traffic light on Zubovsky Boulevard, and back in her car crashed red "Mitsubishi", at which wheel there was a woman.This time in the evening after a workout champion hurried fashion show, in which she had to go to the podium. The organizers have been waiting for the star of the evening, when Tatiana called and reported the accident.How do I find the newspaper, skater cut front riding car, therefore there was a serious collision. Navka refused to call the place of accident employees of traffic police and suggested that the driver of a foreign car to negotiate on the spot.The man who had damaged the car, learned a famous skater and was ready to go meet her. The damage from the accident the young man was estimated at $ 1,000. But the star did not have a required amount. Navka appealed for help to the organizers of the show, where it was eagerly awaited. She threw the car in the center of Moscow and caught a ride rushed to the night club where from minute to minute was supposed to start the show."She called us and asked to borrow 1000 dollars, explaining that she is not a penny," said the organizer of the show Nina Tsagareli. But, unfortunately, we are unable to help her. When she arrived by taxi, we only made 200 rubles, so she paid the driver".Upset skater is back on the scene and continued to negotiate with the driver. Some of the friends came to the rescue with money Newco, and in the evening she returned home by car. Source: Navka rammed a car that was trying to cut down.

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