Money lead singer Shura to drugs

Money lead singer Shura to drugsSinger Alex began his career very slender young man. Then the singer suddenly gained a lot of weight, but the reasons for such drastic changes in appearance silent. It turns out that the culprit was a terrible disease."It was six years ago," the artist told in an interview to "source". Drugs has led to the fact that I had cancer. And thank God that it all happened this way and not otherwise. Because no one knows, as if all of that could end. I went through surgery and chemotherapy. After that I began to weigh 140 pounds. Typically, people lose weight because of the chemo, and I went to the addition. I was like a big Teddy bear. It became difficult to walk. Shortness of breath, legs hurt".On the question of whether they had tried to fight with excess weight, limit yourself, Shura replied: "What diet, what are you? Well, as much as 140 pounds. While I was eating very little. And I somehow blew it".In desperation, the singer decided to seek help from a plastic surgeon. "Here is what I have done liposuction, after which I cheered up," recalls Alex. - Began to re-live.".

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